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Etobicoke, ON
·TekSavvy DSL
reply to Inate

Re: [BC] Bad xp: Price change and no notification - good bye Sha

said by Inate :

You do realize that it IS your responsibility as a consumer to protect yourself in these instances.

I personally have a 6 month cycle that I look at to watch for changes.

Basic business in the modern world requires price increases as the cost of labour(cost of living) goes up. $5 is nothing, and their service(as well as their infrastructure) is what all the other providers you're thinking of going to run off of(aside from telus in some areas). Novus is good, but limited. Teksavvy runs on Shaw's infrastructure and will experience price increases accordingly.

You will not experience price increases on Teksavvys prices because shaw increased their prices. Shaw's increases to its Retail customers has nothing to do with what Teksavvy decided to do as a wholesaler.
Same goes for Bell/Rogers/Telus/Cogeco, they are free to increase their costs to their customers at any time, and none of it effects Teksavvy's or other Independent ISP charges.