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they call me Mr. Bill
North Las Vegas, NV
reply to ba1drick

Re: One visible SSID broadcasted by 2 routers?

said by ba1drick:

Speakers situation is still a mystery for me. It's a discontinued model with limited literature and no current support. Awesome sound and everything, but pretty impossible to guess what channels it's using. It has selectable 1-2-3-4 channels and they are not visible by any network discovery tool. My guess is 1-2-3-4 has nothing to do with IEEE 802.11.

That's why I thought that 2 APs with distant (1 and 11) channels would possibly cure the problem when wireless speakers go out of control. BTW, using my linux laptop, I can see both SSIDs (same ones) throughout the house and at all camera locations, obviously with various signal strengths.

As far as camera connections, I will try to look for connection pattern.

Borrow a Windows Laptop and load up inSSIDer (or a comparable tool on your Linux Laptop). While watching the signal strength of your AP's, fire up the wireless speakers and cycle through each channel option. With your AP's set at channels 1 and 11, I'm guessing that option 2 or 3 on the speakers will cause the least interference.