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Deorum Offensa Diis Curae

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reply to mrschultz02

Re: Caveat emptor

Guess you missed one.......

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I've had this bookmarked for a while, I believe they had about 16 at the time.

Wrong link. That's an H model. Seems I was thinking of one sold by a different vendor and fulfilled by Amazon. Sorry.

The vendor for the Comcast link is now Express Goods not Bargain. Musical vendors and products...... I'd bet my original link started out for a J model from Amazon as well.

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reply to IowaCowboy

Re: [Rant] Avoid! They sell USED modems for price of new one!

said by IowaCowboy:

Like I've said countless times before, buy modems only at brick and mortar stores and only buy new ones that have the factory seals intact and unopened.

Sorry, but that's ridiculous.


Fremont, OH
reply to IowaCowboy
If the item is shipped and sold by Amazon then there won't be any problems as they would NEVER sell you a used product knowing it. brick and mortar stores are going the way of the mail service. If you know were to buy and how to read you won't have any problems.

But according to your post, because Staples, Worst Buy, and Office Depot having online stores, those to you should avoid because you didn't go in an deal with a pushy sales person?

There are great online retailers with no actual stores (as many businesses are going this way- including Best Buy- that's why the product is CHEAPER online). Online stores that are great:

-Tiger Direct
-Wal-Mart (yes Wal-mart).

and many many others.

Lincroft, NJ
reply to Modem Fool
I have ordered many items from Amazon over the past several years. The few times that there was an issue (item was not as described/pictured, item had a problem, etc.), I was able to get it promptly replaced/refunded without a problem, whether it was from Amazon themselves or through one of their 3rd-party vendors.

The combination of Amazon's low prices, free "super-saver" shipping and, in many cases, no sales tax being collected, frequently makes their items the best deal around.

Central City, PA

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Nothing wrong with Amazon. Customer service is of a level one seldom sees. Pls note attached, if you ever need help and click on the 'call me' button, be ready, it happens right now. And it's a lot more than lip service, they actually solve problems.

Naperville, IL
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reply to ropeguru

Re: Caveat emptor

said by ropeguru:

These are the reasons I absolutely will NOT order anything from Amazon..

That's crazy. 107 orders (about 125 products) ordered to date in 2012. Literally, all were absolutely fine except for a product I accidentally purchased from a third party seller that was crappy.

Over the past 2 months I've spent just under $3K on bathroom fixtures, sinks, etc. Much cheaper and much faster shipping than any comparable stores, including plumbing type stores. A few items I got elsewhere because Amazon didn't carry them or prices were cheaper at the other store. But that was few and far between.

Amazon is one of the very finest of all retailers, not just online ones.
How nice. This country is being run by a broken record repeating the same two words over and over. Cretin.

Space Elf
Mullica Hill, NJ
reply to Modem Fool

Re: [Rant] Avoid! They sell USED modems for price of new one!

I only buy modems new and I tend to stick with Motorolla. I know there are other brands of modems but as long as I and as long as friends have had cable internet it has always been a surfboard modem and the modem has never had a major issue.
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