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Ignore Button. The coward's feature.
Mentor, OH
reply to mareastrum

Re: Warm Bodies: A zombie love story?

I loved The Feed Trilogy. I finished reading The Return Man a few months ago. It's about how the USA is divided. East of the Mississippi river is "safe", west isn't. A man lives out west, taking jobs. The jobs he takes are to hunt down and "return" the zombie loved one, of those that are paying him.

»www.amazon.com/Return-Man-V-M-Zi ··· .m.+zito

I read Empire by David Dunwoody. Zombies rule the day, and Death is wondering why he has no work.
»www.amazon.com/Empire-Zombie-Nov ··· dunwoody

It was ok. I'm going to nabb the second book soon.
Is a person a failure for doing nothing? Or is he a failure for trying, and not succeeding at what he is attempting to do? What did you fail at today?.