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Re: The 5.0.4 / MoP / Druid

Interesting stat priority in 10 man vs 25 man. Also includes a spread sheet for the math type people.


Now you can play around with this yourself and move the Haste value up and down, but in any case the RPS requirement for T&C is only about half of the RPS gained per point of Haste. That means Haste is not only a mitigation increase by generating more T&C procs, but it also still increases Rage generation more than Crit even after factoring in T&C.

Now none of this is really “news” per se. But it’s nice to know the specifics about it. But the question everyone is really asking is “What does this mean for me?”

Well for 25m it primarily means you’re going to want Haste instead of Crit. There are far more people to make up the tank DPS difference between the two, and you gain increased mitigation by going Haste – which is the big difference for tanks in 25m. For 10m it’s a bit more of a tough sell. Tank DPS is significantly more important in 10m than 25m, so it’s possible that the DPS you lose by going Haste over Crit could make or break a kill. Furthermore bosses don’t hit as hard in 10m as they do in 25m, thus meaning you can definitely afford to sacrifice that little bit of mitigation to do more DPS.

Once we get into the next tier of content I expect Haste stacking to become significantly more common in both raid sizes.
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