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reply to Anonymark

Re: [Rant] Water Company

said by Anonymark:

So 1 week age, I see a guy walk up and hang a tag on my front door. I figured it was some pizza guy or something. Nope, it's a notice from the local water company. They say they are disconnecting my water on 12-7-12 unless I call them to get a new water meter. WTF! I call them, and they say I need a new water meter because I have an older one that needs to be read by a person. I asked, politely if maybe they could have called me, or sent a letter, instead of hanging a big red "disconnect" tag on my door.... "That's not our policy" "We just hang the tags" . I scheduled the meter install for yesterday, and they never showed..... I called today and was told "Oh our printer is still broken, we couldn't print yesterday's work orders. So now I am sitting her waiting for a technician to come over, who is an hour late, to do the new meter. The water company did however, "move back" my disconnect to Monday.... So if this guy doesn't show up, I guess I have no water come Monday.

So I pay my quarterly bill on time for the last 12 years, and they are going to turn my water off because they can't even ^*%$ knock on my door or show up! WTF

Time to fire off a complaint to the State utility commission

if you think 30$ is bad

our local water co tried putting a 50$ to $200 "connection fee per month"(depending on your pipe size) +water usage

Backlash worked very well and the community got a court ordered injunction.