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[Security] OS X and Security?

I've been a Windows user and just recently got a new Mac. I have a couple of questions about security and what to hear some inputs from you guys.

1. Is the built-in firewall sufficient? If not, what do you guys recommend. In Windows I use Comodo and love it. Unfortunately the only thing that I can found in Mac that is remotely close to it is Little Snitch. What about a A/V? I feel kind of paranoid without them since in Windows I use Nod32 and Comodo.

2. Chrome would go crazy when I enabled the built-in firewall. I would be bombarded with connection pop-ups. However when I use Safari I rarely see those connections pop-ups. Why is that?


Waterford, MI
It depends on your degree of paranoia. I have a router with a firewall, and run my Macs in Stealth mode (Sys Pref-Security). I use ClamX periodically to look for bad stuff, but run nothing otherwise. I'm careful about what I download and from where. This practice has been good enough for 10 years.

All my browsers do not run Java, and accept no 3rd party cookies. There are a lot of good browser extensions that help.

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1) Yeah, you're a little paranoid. Look, I don't use A/V or anything on Windows, I just watch what I do, never had any issues. Realize this, though, on a Mac, the likelihood of picking up a virus is about as good as a chance of you being struck by lightning in New York City the night of January 18th. OS X firewall is all you need.

one reason why mac is just more secure..well..two main reasons:

1. SMALL AUDIENCE. You can't spread a major virus by cherry picking two or four people here and there. You pick a group of 1000 people and you infect. You can't do that on Apple.
2. Permissions. When a program needs to make a system wide change (such as Apple Update) you require a password. If cyberburpandporn asks you for permission, you should know what to do.

2) I have no idea what you are talking about, since we both use safari, we have the same lack of issues. I might download chrome and see if i can replicate the same.
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Rio Rancho, NM
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I don't use a Firewall for any of my Macs for I rely on my Router, however, I also come from the wonderful world of windows, and feel very comfortable running Sophos Free Antivirus real-time on my Macs. It does not noticeably slow me down at all, and it updates both virus definitions and program updates silently on it's own:

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Everyone will give, pretty much the same answer, but I've been post-XP for 7? years. I use the default settings without any security programs.
I've visited a few "questionable" sites (always in Private Mode). For good measure I run a Sophos AntiVirus scan once a year. It hasn't found anything.
So, while my lawyers wont like me saying this...just use the computer as it is and exercise common sense (don't click to install something you don't understand, etc.,) since there's no defense against user assisted damage.

Pittsburgh, PA
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Little Snitch is good for seeing what connects to the interwebs.

I haven't used an AV in 13 years. However I do have ClamXav installed but not active from the App Store.

Install Adblock and keep the OS up to date. You'll be fine.

Btw - Java and Flash are not installed by default anymore.
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