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Etobicoke, ON
reply to elefante72

Re: Doesn't seem to be a significant difference

said by elefante72:

Netflix can adapt down. It can do a 720 stream at about 2.5Mbps with some quality loss but it still looks good, but say almost 4 for great. The others aren't as advanced and you can need up to 10 for ultra high quality.

As time goes on we will need more bandwidth, agreed...

My inlaws had Bell DSL which would get maybe a little over 3 and HD netflix streams looked pretty good.

I'm pretty sure I was clear about the fact that it can adapt down. You and I will have to disagree about the quality of the streams once it does start to adapt for the lower amount of bandwidth. That is 720P with stereo sound and IMO that's a lot more than "some" quality loss.