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reply to hudiat

Re: Billing system--let's get this straight

said by hudiat:

How does a billing upgrade lead to longer wait times. More hiring means the wait is because of lack of workers. What happened between the last day of the old system and the first of the new system that all of a sudden more workers were needed?

Layoffs? Outsourcing? Oh wait, they almost doubled (or did?) when they bought broadstripe and knology, and they failed to realize more support would be needed.

Guys let's buy a few companies, merge them over, and right when they learn our system, change it. Oh, and to maximize efficiency let's do it during the holidays.

New billing system means agents have to memorize new routines to help customers.. which causes delays if everyone is not up to speed on the systems.. Billing system is likely tied to their CSR Tools for troubleshooting and also for account documentation (not sure what WOW uses but when I did support for another cable provider years ago we used an application called ICOMS and we had to document EVERY Customer contact even if it was a simple non account related question) so if their having to log your account to answer your question on pricing etc.. and are having to jump thru "new screens" it would cause a delay... and every minute of delay means another person has to wait a minute longer in queue...

Hiring more people means that there are more FTE's to answer your calls during peak times which will bring down wait times.. etc.


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I get that, but by the time they train new people wouldn't the originals be trained enough to reduce queues anyway? Again how is adding to the labor cost and increasing wait times an "upgrade".

Who "wins" in this situation. Wows employees are probably stressed, wow labor cost going up atleast in the short term, customers are annoyed, and has their been 1 positive outcome?

Hiring additional staff is usually what this kind of upgrade is made to prevent. Increase efficiency, cut labor costs.

I feel sorry for anyone from knology and broad stripe who got bought out, and now get this situation as their first impression of their new company.this alone is reason wow shouldn't have done anything. System wide change while buying other companies and systems, trying to merge them while upgrading, it's just too much to do at once.