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Jay, OK
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Re: Troubleshooting fast batt-drain....

Ity is likely just that your used to your phone being in places where you get a good signal and when you are on long trips there are likely many places where your phone is trying to bring in a signal. Get the free version of the juice defender app and it will shut your data radio off anytime your phone is on standby and this will greatly improve battery life.Also if your phone has smart actions or something similar then set a couple of rules, the first one, tell it to turn wifi off when the display is off and the second, tell it to turn GPS off when the display is off.

I have the Moto Droid and spend at least 4 hours of my day in a steel shipping container that we use for an office and without these things my batter wont last an eight hour workday, with them....as i sit here now, my phone has been off the charger for 16 hours and has 40% left. If your wondering, outside the office I get 2 bars of 3G, inside that container I get one bar by the door and zip, zilch, nada 2 feet inside of the door.
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