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Grants Pass, OR
reply to Mele20

Re: Adobe Flash Player 11.5.502.135

I thought MS could only release the flash updates though? Today I got one for IE10 through windows update with Windows 8.

said by Mele20:

said by KoRnGtL15:

Not sure how or if the uninstaller even works with Windows 8. Since it try's to remove all of flash. Flash is built into Windows 8 and only MS can update it.

It is NOT builtin to Windows 8. It is builtin to IE 10 which runs on Windows 8. The Adobe installer works just fine for plugin based browsers running on Windows 8. I just installed the plugin version. It is the first plugin version I have installed on Win 8. Interestingly, Flash Settings Manager was defaulted to "never", "no" to all settings except for updates which the installer asks each time how you want to handle. It is interesting that it defaults to privacy on Windows 8 on the first install of Flash plugin.

Hilo, HI
Yes, only Microsoft can issue updates to Flash that is built into IE 10 on Win 8. My point was perhaps picky, but I think important, and that is that Flash is not built into Windows 8 but built into IE 10 that runs on Win 8. If we were lucky enough to live in EU then many of us would have NO IE on Win 8 and, thus, no "built into Windows 8" Flash Player because of no IE.
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