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reply to Kruisey

Re: Netflix and Internet use

You must be failing grade 8 math. At $1212+tax per year with HBO, Super Channel and AMC, cable or IPTV is pretty expensive. You could buy 40 TV seasons on iTunes for that price. With Bluray you would be looking at 20 - 40 seasons depending on the price.

If you really had a large TV you wouldn't have made that crack about Optik's quality either lol.

Enjoy your shilling/trolling. You do realize some people still take value away from the common sense posts such as this no matter how much white noise you try to spew out to mask it.


Vancouver, BC

My oh My sorry you are so upset.
They do say the truth hurts the most.



Are you kidding me??? Optik HD is not even in the same realm as Netflix for Picture Quality... Look at the many, many different threads discussing this issue... I like the service as a whole, but PQ is something they need to work on.

Kruisey, you seriously add NOTHING of value to any of these discussions. All you are doing is adding disinformation and picking fights with everyone..


Vancouver, BC

Does Netflix own its on ISP now ?
I never pick fights with anyone.
I just write the true facts.
Why do some of you bother to write all these negative items about Telus.?
If your not satisfied change your ISP.

Arthur Dent

Calgary, AB

said by Kruisey:

I never pick fights with anyone.
I just write the true facts.

Well, it's a mixed bag. In your defense, it is true that Netflix does not provide Internet. One very educational and true fact. Kudos for the valuable research you did to bring this fact to us.
On the other hand, you are wrong about Optik's video quality. And about not picking fights.