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Des Plaines, IL
reply to cypherstream

Re: [HD] Never Saw this SDV Screen Before

the pop says HD program so does it need the guide flag for it to auto tune?? can it auto tune to a HD channel with out needing the show to be flaged as being in HD.

Iowa native
Springfield, MA
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reply to JeepMatt
Your arguments about Comcast not being devoted to HD is likely true. The Weather Channel here has the local on the 8's on the SD channel (ch 47) for the Springfield area (weather station is Westover ARB) but if you tune to Weather Channel HD, then it looks more like you are watching it on DirecTV/Dish as the local on the 8's scrolls through major cities (with the closest city to us that they feature is Hartford and Boston). They have not put the equipment at the headend yet to insert the local weather on TWC HD at the Comcast headend in Westfield yet.

As for HD, there are many folks that still have SD sets (I only have one HDTV out of the three TVs in my house) and I don't like those ugly bars on the top and bottom. But I do have to put up with the bars on the sides of my HDTV, which is more tolerable as you are not shrinking the program like they do with widescreen on SDTV.

I just hope that they don't adopt SDV, I put one of my TiVo boxes at my grandma's house in Time Warner's turf and the tuning adapter is just another piece of hardware that takes up another electrical outlet.