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Router and two ISPs

Hi everyone, I have two ISPs, Bell and Acanac (DSL and Cable)

I enjoy the upload speeds from Bell, very quick, but from Acanac no so great. However, Acanac has unlimited data.

I'd like to know how I can utilize both these services. My problem is that BELL charges me outrageous prices if I go over, it's so unfair and friggin annoying to see an additional $80 on my bill!

Any suggestions on routing my data between the two would be greatly appreciated.

What I would like to do is somehow use Acanac for downloads and Bell for uploads? Possible? Or, maybe have some overflow setup so when I reach a certain bandwidth usage Bell is switched off and I start utilizing Acanac?

I do have spare machines around here if that helps support some routing tools, however, my preference would be hardware.

With all this software and hardware out there, someone smart must have designed something, im just not smart enough to find it!


you could try load balancing from pfsense I know you can configure for download which connection is used most so you probably can for upload too


St Catharines, ON
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You can buy a used watchguard or similar commercial firewall on ebay.

In the watchguard example, it will cost ya though, unless you get one that still has an active live security on it you'll need to activate that and upgrade it to pro. this allows you to hook in two wan's and control traffic however you want.

I do this at home but it cost a couple hundred to setup. Once it's setup though it works very well.

There are probably open source ways of doing this too, I haven't looked into it though.


Saint-Constant, QC
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pfsense is the way to go


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Scarborough, ON
Funny, they call that a Gigabit router, but the specs state:

Network media: 10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4, 5 cable (Max 100m), 100BASE-TX: UTP category 5, 5e cable (Max 100m)



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Alternative to complicated load balance solution:

just run 2 routers, one for each connection, and setup a computer that you can use for large downloads on the acanac cable.

And run you main everyday work on the bell router...

Get 2 ethernet cards (or 1 NIC + 1 Wifi) in order to have lan access to both networks at the same time. (you can specify adapter priority in ncpa.cpl advanced settings, so that windows will use your preferred connection for the internet)

Another weird but functional solution is to connect to your 2nd network via a virtual machine, and micromanage it that way.


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How many different sites do you upload to? You can buy a cheap $20-$50 router (depending on whether you need gigabit or not) and load openwrt on it. You can manage two connections from there, and either set up routing for certain sites to specifically use bell connection as gateway which is a simple way to manage it if you only upload to a few sites or backup services, or a more complex setup using iptables if you have different needs. It's really not terribly difficult. You could also use a very simple script to monitor your usage on the bell line and around 90% of your usage limit, change your default route from bell to acanac.

If this sounds a little to difficult, I'm sure there are numerous people here, myself included who have the knowledge and would be happy to help you create a solution based on your needs just because we like to help, or you could try seeing if you can get teksavvy or another third party isp for vdsl2 to have your higher upload speeds with a much more reasonable cap.

The tplink 740n is a really cheap wireless n router that is capable of doing what you want once it's flashed with openwrt (usually around $20 from canada computers).
Knowing a little more about why you want the faster upstream and how you use it will go a long way to help provide you with the information you need.

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Good suggestions all around. I'd offer checking out the Networking forum for some dual WAN router(s) out there.

If you have money to burn, kit from peplink.com offers the ULTIMATE in loadbalancing / failover control.

My 00000010bits.