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Powassan, ON
·TekSavvy DSL

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Any TSI users in the North Bay, ON area?

Morning folks.

I've had an issue of evening slowdowns on my 6/800 DSL service for several months. My pings creep up to 800ms+ from 19.00 hours until around 23.00 hours. It's been posted on here that this is affecting other people too. Outside of those times, my pings are a very reasonable 20ms.

I have made TSI aware of this, and it's being investigated with Bell.

In the last 24 hours, my daytime ping speeds have become almost unworkable in addition to the longer term nighttime issue.

I also noted within the last 24 hours on DMT that I have been moved to Interleave from Fastpath. I have had good SNR and good Attenuation throughout this entire issue.

TSI have discussed this with Bell on my behalf, and Bell have said it is part of a wider area issue which has no ETA to fix, but is being worked on.

I have no idea if the two issues are connected, although TSI and I have wondered if being moved to interleaved is part of the troubleshooting process, or could be a re-routing whilst a fix is being applied.

So, is there anybody else in an around North Bay who has been suffering a daytime issue which started in the last 24 hours or so?

Any other thoughts in general?

p.s TSI folks, no need to suggest I post in Direct, everything is already lodged with you. I'm just widening the audience to gather info.