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Cambridge, NY

Why so many Gen4 complaints?

I've been a HN 9000 user for quite a few years. But I've waited to upgrade to Gen4 to see what early adopters reported.

I know that we mostly see complaints on message boards, happy customers don't bother to post. But, here, and on the Hughesnet Community message board, there are a lot of complaints about slow speeds and very poor service (especially for Mac OSX computers.) In many cases, Hughes is acknowledging that there is indeed a problem that they are trying to solve.

My question is whether the number and severity of complaints is unusual for the first few months of a new service. I don't remember what the early days of Spaceway were like, or the early days of Exede. Does Gen4 have more problems than previous or competing satellite systems did in their early days?
Upstate NY HN9000 Apple Airport(802.11n)/ Mac OS X 10.8

Reno, NV
It isn't unusual for problems on a new bird, when Spaceway first came out there was a problem with the beam in my area and this was confirmed by Patrick but I was able to have them put me back on the 7000, then after Horizons 2 went out of commision I upgraded to SPW3, this was after about 2 years in service and all has been ok.


Edgewood, TX
reply to bill672
The early days of Exede were nothing like HNG4. I don't think the problem is with the satellite per say. It's all ground based. HN rushed out in rolling out GEN4 and it sounds like they cut alot of corners to get new customers start signing up on Oct. 1st.