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reply to liquoranne

Re: Why did you leave GW2? will you return?

said by liquoranne:

too be honest...i leveled my ranger to max and the prof felt...underwhelming or more to the point, plain boring.

As i never got into crafting, which would you all suggest? I was thinking cooking and armorsmith. What say you?

I really want to like the ranger but yar, very static for me. short bow pew pew, bleh. If you want active playstyle, I think you can't get more active than an elementalist. Burn calories pressing all those buttons :P I love my mesmer, fairly active as well.

I have cooking and weaponsmithing maxed. I love cooking, although the middle tier is a bit harder to max. I just find it hilarious to discover recipes, like oh that makes sense!

As to the OP, I find myself a bit lost on what to do next. I have max mesmer and warrior now, but I don't feel like farming, pvp, can't do dungeons cuz I may have to stop at any moment. So I am doing some map completion and working on a new engineer. Thought about going back to WoW since I'm stuck on the annual pass but don't feel like the grind...