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Re: Tim Hortons: foreign temp workers "pioneer"

said by IamGimli:

said by twizlar:

Its not about being cheaper. They cannot get enough staff to fill the positions, especially overnight shifts. I work with many of the store owners on a daily basis and they genuinely cannot find the labor needed to run the stores 24/7.

Yep. It started a few years ago in Alberta. I personally saw a McDonalds that was closed on weekends because they couldn't get anyone to work there, despite offering close to $20 an hour (that was in Red Deer).

Now it's spreading to other parts of the country. That's what happens when you keep giving your kids everything they want without teaching them the value of work and money. Somehow they end up thinking that passing wind is worth $50k. Imagine that!

said by Doonz:

said by Thane_Bitter:

Are teenagers so well off they don't need jobs?

In our town. Our Tim's is staffed from 12am to 8am by foreign workers. Then from 8am - 3pm its mostly locals. then from 3pm-8pm its mostly local teens and then from 8pm - 12am its foreigners.

I think its a great mix and I realize that running a 24/7 business requires a lot of personel not to mention that a lot of canadians look down upon these jobs...

Oh to add the weekends 6am - 12am are staffed by mostly teens

I know many many South Asian people who see working at McD or Tim is beneath their level or insulting. They don't understand work is work no matter what. They will work in call centre at $10/h but will never work at Timmie for $15-$20. But look like this attitude is not limited to certain communities and common in other parts as well.

And many workers at Tim I see in Toronto are mainly Sri-Lankans. That include gas station and other stalls at subway stations. So this "Temp" must be different for other parts of Canada.