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Clifton, NJ
reply to Anonymark

Re: [Rant] Water Company

Wow. I am the type of person to just have them disconnect the water. Then when you complain to the state or (local news lol they would love this story...) , it has more of an effect. Nah, it would suck to be without water. I almost was there when I bought my house and the water bill from the previous owner had not been paid for 6-12 months. "Pay or be shut off!"... so I paid it. Not the water company's fault.

I did get a letter from my water company yesterday saying "We have found high levels of lead in the drinking water" Ummm, didn't you guys just upgrade the water cleaning system for a Kazillion dollars the last few years? That's why you told us the rates were increasing, to pay for this upgrade.

"Things you can do to reduce lead in your drinking water.... Get it filtered... use an alternate water supply/portable etc......" WTF??? Then they send you the bill in the same envelope. lmao.