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mike in NJ


Strange audio noise?

Currently using a 5.1 setup via receiver. All decent quality Polk speakers in use. When watching a few shows (Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune come to mind) a very high pitched sound/noise comes out of my surrounds. The volume is low on it but its extremely annoying, my receiver is showing a Dolby Digital signal is coming from the box. Any other show/channel I watch the normal LFE sounds come from the speakers with no issues. Has anyone heard this sound before or is it a hardware issue on my end? Thanks!!


Township Of Washington, NJ

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Are you talking about WABC or WPVI?
I've noticed on WABC the audio seems to be a simulated DD 5.1 on all programming that has stereo audio and on those programs sometimes the audio keeps switching back and forth from the simulated DD 5.1 to stereo.

On an unrelated note, I've noticed if you record WABC directly, something is sent just before the program starts that turns the audio off on the recording.
You have to start recording after the program starts.
Is this some type of copy protection or an audio glitch from my recording software or WABC?

mike in NJ

Its not a recording, just watching it live. I wish I could describe the audio, maybe I will try and record tonight @ 7. Its channel 507 for me in NJ (WABC-TV).