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Lincroft, NJ
reply to nrobot80

Re: Do I need to get an amplifer and active return?

said by nrobot80:

The cheapest and most effective way to get good signal and a good TV picture is to have a tech come out and replace your inside wiring.
They may charge you a fee but it will be done correctly.

Well, the "cheapest" way is what was suggested - try replacing any old/cheap splitters and cables/connectors first and see if that improves things.

said by nrobot80:

The Radio Shack and Amazon splitters and cable you buy may work but they may block your return path, which is essential for Internet access, and they may not be shielded to the point Comcast requires. Comcast wiring equipment is rated to block out noise and minimum signal loss.

If the OP uses the splitter models that were suggested (like the Antronix ones), they are as high quality (if not the exact same ones) as Comcast would provide/use.

Using an amp would be a last resort, but if so, it would need to be a "bi-directional" broadband cable one that provides a low loss in the 5-42 MHz return path.

said by chong67:

My modem stat is:

S/N Ratio: 37 db (4 channels)
Power Level: -1 dBmV

Power Level: 50 dBmV

While the OP's downstream power at his modem is good, the upstream level is very high, which could be due to the use of a poor-quality, first splitter that has a high loss in the return path. Replacing just that one could result in a major improvement.