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reply to analog andy

Re: Copyright - are you affected?


Page 13, statement 22;

"In addition, I have analyzed each of the BitTorrent packets distributed by the IP addresses listed in Exhibit B and verified that reassembling the pieces results in a fully playable digital motion picture that is one of Voltage's copyrighted works."

analog andy

Surrey, BC
This doesn't make sense. Did all those 2000 ip's serve up each of the movies listed? That would mean Voltage is going after some really dedicated Voltage fans and that a hole lot of Voltage fan on TSI.

Seems strange they managed to download all those movies from 2000 people (to them IP = person) Where is this magic tracker that has 2000 people/customers from TSI sharing some obscure movies.

If a lawyer could get a list of IP's that were used by Voltage could TSI see if any of the TSI IP's connected to the Voltage IP's which would mean Voltage was making the files available for upload.


reply to Samgee
This is actually completely ridiculous. This entire case is based off of Canipre's thought that if you are connected to a torrent tracker and downloading p2p content, then you are automatically sharing full copies of the content in question. This is completely false. Canipre would have no access to be able to analyze each transmitted bit-torrent packet, unless they were simultaneously recording all traffic between each p2p user on that specific torrent. A statement claiming to do this, is borderline insane, considering this is close to impossible to accomplish. This case is a complete joke. Canipre obviously doesn't know how the internet works and has no clue how to do anything other then to dish out pointless court cases and claim to use "forensic" software, that just logs IP addresses. In reality they have little to no proof if someone completely a download or distributed a completed download.

If they are able to accomplish their goals of taking money from us once(with little to no proof), what stops them from doing it over and over?

Someone needs to put them in their place.


reply to analog andy
This is simply not possible.
Teksavvy does not log all traffic to and from their customers (this is illegal, regardless teksavvy would never do such a thing). All that is logged is the IP address and the amount of bandwidth on the customer side.
At this point there would be no way to see if it was Voltage that was sharing the content or not.