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Corvallis, OR
reply to joejoejeo

Re: iGuide A30

A30 deployed to Benton County Oregon this morning. Now need to experiment with it to find weaknesses. One thing I've noticed is a slow response to remote.

Schaumburg, IL
I didn't notice much difference on my ancient DCT6412. As the guide is refilling, it does alot of triage (compacting and throwing out furthest times so it can fill in holes), and that can slow it down for a bit at times.

The main changes I noticed: CC can be turned on/off from iGuide menu, HD logo changed from square with HD in it to bold HD text, channel name shows up as you type in numbers. Some of the iGuide diagnostics pages have more information, and several new 'guidenet' pages.

Also, I read that a bug where horizontal scrolling in the guide would sometimes cause a jump to a different channel is fixed (something to do with a PPV ad at the bottom.) Since PPV is often next to the naughty channels, you often ended up in the bad side of town.

Schaumburg, IL
I have noticed an occasional quirk: Sometimes when doing something like swapping tuners, changing channels, or switching between live and a recording, the screen doesn't display black but displays some colored screen with green lines on the sides. It's like it's displaying some random data from a buffer.

It's somewhat random, and seems to mainly occur when both tuners are SD. In fact, when I turned on a bedroom TV that can 'see' the main DVR through an RF modulator, it was displaying that even though the box was actually off.

It's not a big issue, mainly a cosmetic quirk. This is on a DCT6412P2.