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QoS/Queues on MT

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I'll admit, I do not know enough about MT yet to have a smooth operating system, I know enough to get me into trouble..

At an apartment complex, I have some UBNT wifi APs on its own subnet, as well as direct connections to each rooms, on their own VLANs as well.

I have queues for both interfaces to limit the speeds to 30/2. For some reason the queue I have for the wifi does not seem to be working correctly.

Watching it now for example, when the que is enabled, download speeds range from 1mbs to 3.5mbps, sometimes 4mbps.
As soon as I disable the que, speeds shoot up to 10mbps or higher.

Similar things happen for my other queues to the hard wired rooms that are on VLANs..

Here are some screenshots of my setup.


Siren, WI
I was just working with queues the other day and found something similar. What queue type are you using? By default, I think it uses default-small, which is a PFIFO queue set to a size of 10 packets. If you change it to ethernet-default, that is the same PFIFO queue type, but with a size of 50 packets. The 10 packet size just isn't big enough to support more than about 3 megs or so.


Yes it is set to default-small, I'll change it up and see how it goes.

Quick Edit:

Changed it, I'll have to watch the speeds to see how that works, but it still queuing packets, not many, but I'm not even close to the bandwidth threshold, so should it be queuing packets still?

Speeds do seem better, just hit 18mbps, with the queue enabled.