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Lemony Lime

Klamath Falls, OR

High upload business internet apparently doesn't exist.

Or does it? Web hosts must get their internet from somewhere, so why is it impossible to find?

I'm running a server from home (probably more in the future, but starting out small with a dedicated game server) and need to find a new ISP with a business plan with high upload speeds. (Talking somewhere around 20-50mbps up and down.) I'm finding a lot of plans along the lines of 100down/5up, but that doesn't even make sense. Verizon's FiOS Quantum is the only thing that's even remotely reasonable, but it's not available in my area. (Small town in southern Oregon.)

I've been searching for two days straight, and have essentially found nothing. What am I doing wrong?


Fremont, OH
Please contact me via PM.

Washington, DC
reply to Lemony Lime
Absolutey, there are hundreds of ISP's that offer high upload plans. I can check availability/price for you across all ISP's nationwide. PM or email me at


Chicago, IL
reply to Lemony Lime
Feel free to PM us at Interlync. If we cant help, we can generally point you in the right direction that may fit the bill.


reply to Lemony Lime
Sounds like you're looking for a commercial grade ISP, however be prepared for a significant price difference compared to "consumer grade" e.g. FiOS, U-verse, DSL/Cable broadband.

Consider posting a request here:
»ISP b2b etc


Modoc, IN
reply to Lemony Lime
Check out AT&T's business plans, Verizon has the same thing. If it's available, Megapath has 45mbps symmetric (T3 connection) to most places in the US. If you need more, there are fiber companies that will lease you as much bandwidth as you need. There's a company called Zayo that has a nationwide fiber network. Just start googling and you'll find something, but for ease of access, AT&T and Verizon have massive backbone networks and are more than willing to sell you ethernet or SONET links if you're willing to pay for them.