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as Mr. Pink as they come
Phoenix, AZ
reply to Rakeesh

Re: [AZ] Other options for HSI in Phoenix?

said by Rakeesh:

said by grosler:

Does anyone have any suggestions on less costly options rather than Cox for internet in Phoenix?

Cox pricing has been going up over the last few years and the quality of service has been going down.



After one call to centurylink, you'll LOL and then hang up,

don't you mean centurystink?

a month with their service you'll understand what im getting at.
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Mesa, AZ
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·Cox HSI

Dude I went to build a network for my friend's business, and his only option for internet was clink. He runs his business late in the day (usually til 10 or so.)

I went to install a hardware firewall, and I needed to get the PPPoE username and password so that I could override the NAT in their gateway and pass that function to the firewall.

Well it turns out, that after 5:00 (which is the only time that I could help him out) clink's business division closes. No support whatsoever. WTF really? They charge more for it and provide less services? I asked the girl on the other end: so what happens if there's an outage, and they're stuck without service? They're screwed? She said yes. I just said wow...