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reply to IamGimli

Re: Tim Hortons: foreign temp workers "pioneer"

said by IamGimli:

said by PX Eliezer70:

I have always wondered about this:

Does it pay to be open at 3:30 AM?

Except at the very busiest stores, seems absolutely nuts.

Considering night staff have other duties than just manning the cash register (cleaning, re-stocking, preparing large orders, etc.) yes, it pays to be open. Sales are free money as they'd need someone in there anyway.

BTW forcing those kind of places to pay more to hire unemployed people only perpetuates the problem. When the effective minimum wage gets to be $25+ because unemployed people won't work for less then the price of everything has to go up, and this creates extremely high inflation and cost of living for EVERYBODY in that area, not just the unemployed people, which in turn raises the poverty level in that area, and raises the amount of money unemployed people will want before getting off their ass.

When you see the amount of demagogy that came out of the Left when EI rules were changed recently to allow the program to force someone to take a job at 80% of their former salary can you imagine the consequences if you could force them to take minimum wage jobs, even if they're not actually paid minimum wage?

Raising the wages paid does not correlate to lowering the unemployment rate. And if it does because someone won't take a job for less than $X/hr, than their priorities are wrong. Not allowing the use of foreign workers does 2 things, it could force the business to close and it removes employment from those foreign workers. The way I see it is, if you think you're too good to work at tims, why shouldn't they be allowed to hire someone who will appreciate and make use of the wages they are being paid. Tims is actually helping boost other economies by allowing these foreign workers to bring money home, allowing them to support their families. It's a global market place.