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Saint Paul, MN
reply to Tweakbl

Re: Bombs to Desktop anyone? From MOP Release to 5.1 (Not 5.1a)

I've had this happen a few times recently, actually. Although I don't know if it's a "crash" in the technical sense of the word. WoW will minimize to the desktop, as if I hit alt+tab. It's still running, I just need to re-maximize it. Strange.

I have an MSI GTX 660.
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Rosedale, WV
As far as the aspect of my machine goes. It is running in top notch condition. (Although it was built in 2009 and is getting a bit long in the tooth)

It has 6 fans and a XIGMATEK LOKI tower cooler on it. Runs at a chilly 32C all the time.Speedfan reports 27C currently. That is with Artic Silver Ceramique 2. So heat is not the issue.

Its some of the coolest Air cooled temps I ever achieved on a PC.

Everything else runs smooth on it. So I really think its a Blizzard issue. Truth be told to if it is a bug. Then the more folks that say something about it. The better it is to isolate the trouble and fix it.