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Washington, DC
reply to pkorx8

Re: Down the street from Google... but still no choice for ISP

Didn't they put up free WiFi everywhere?


San Jose, CA

GoogleWiFi in Mtn View

The WiFi is quite limited. And it hardly covers Castro St in the Downtown to any consistent level, not to mention the more remote areas. I've tried using it in the downtown, and it's a complete hit or miss, even outdoor coverage is spotty as you walk down the street.

A friend lived across the street from downtown, she said no coverage within her apartment on the second floor of a two-story building; another friend lived on the outskirts of Mtn View, said still no coverage (supposedly the other street did have some coverage).

I would imagine that Google WiFi is only useful for actual Google engineers who live in Mtn View and are qualified enough to assemble equipment good enough to receive it. :-) (Plus have the extra time on their hards apart from being busy at Google, of course!) And, perhaps, as a backup connection for RedHat.com and Mozilla.org. ;-)

Even the various eating places on Castro St have very spotty GoogleWiFi coverage, something that I would have thought Google and the business owners would have taken care of; nope, nothing!

(Can't really blame Google, though; it's probably more of the limitation of the WiFi technology itself... It's not like they can just do complete magic out of thin air and get every property owner on the same page!)

But I completely agree regarding the Bay Area, completely no competition, lots of apartment complexes with Cat5e and Cat6 are all sitting in the dark. (»Cat5e in Bay Area large new res buildings left unused?)

And »Paxio.net is more like a mythical creature. (»Is Paxio real? Do they really offer service in San Jose?)

If you're specifically in SF, you might have some luck with »webpass.net, though. And, of course, »Sonic.net in some parts of the North Bay. :-)