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London, ON
reply to Xstar_Lumini

Re: Upgrading phone -- Rogers is nuts

To help further enhance the customer experience, Rogers is also changing its cellphone unlocking policy this March so that customers can unlock their wireless phones as early as 90 days after activating their devices on the Rogers network.

»www.prnewswire.com/news-releases ··· 41.html?


Scarborough, ON
reply to Xstar_Lumini
said by Xstar_Lumini:

said by TLS2000:

said by Xstar_Lumini:

Yeah good luck, I paid these bastards a $450 early contract termination fee for my iPhone 4 and they refused to give me the unlock code for it, telling me that they "never" unlock phones for anybody even after they finish their contract.

Yup, even though they have new policies and all of your claims have been called into question with no response from you, keep telling people that they're screwed because the picked Rogers.

New policies have you paying the subsidy off, exactly like Wind.

They will now unlock phones for you. That's a new policy as of today.

Let's not let the truth get in the way of your ranting though.

So if I bring my Iphone 4 right at this moment they will unlock it for me because they refused to do it 8 months ago? If they won't do it then don't talk lies here because I'm sure they won't.

You still need an active account for them to process an unlocking request.