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Bradley, IL

[Modem] modem question

For some reason the last couple days. When i turn my computer on and open IE9 it takes me to my modem page and ask me to connect. I also have to enter modem access code on bottom, It then connects no problem. It has never done this before. However now it will do it frequently. Example even if computer goes to sleep and i try to get on Ie 9. I have windows 7. Att dsl motorola modem 2210 Any ideals. Thanks.

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San Jose, CA
·Pacific Bell - SBC
While malware can change this setting, it would normally take you to a dicey site.

Any browser will open to the, "Home Page". Check your browser settings.

IE9 default home page.

You might also check your Internet Options.
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Tyler, TX
reply to Todd12
Could be your modem is dropping connection - what what ever reason. Sounds like modem's not renewing the lease after specified time. Either setting(s) got corrupted / changed, or failing electronics.

Brief power outages will often cause loosing connection. If that's it, adding a UPS can help. Or, Failing modem.

If you can, export the current modem config settings. Read CAREFULLY how to do this w/ this model. Normally, pretty simple. May also want to note or print screens of current settings.

Then reset modem to factory settings. Then restore modem settings.

AT&T has "support" for modem / connection problems, but be prepared to spend some time. And also prepared to ask to speak to Level 2 tech when their flip card steps don't solve your problem.