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Mountain View, CA
reply to mattrixx

Re: What sort of network storage do you think?

said by mattrixx:

Interesting comments regarding USB HDD connections to Router.
I have the Asus RT-N66U Router and have a Rosewill SATA to USB (&eSATA) Enclosure with a W.D. 2TB "RED" (NAS) 3.5" HDD connected via one of it`s 2 USB (2.0) inputs of the Router,
and I could not be happier with the networked accessibility and also media playback.

I'm glad to hear that, but most of us engineering folks (as well as end-users -- see thread) disagree. Reference material for my statement about Samba and Linux sendfile(2):


The root cause (kernel performance bug) is discussed further down in the thread.

The firmwares impacted vary, but the reference discovery was found in what's called asuswrt-merlin, which is a direct spin-off of the source code which Asus provides of their firmware (since they have to release it given that it's under GPL). The commit to that fork which shows the problem:


So that leads me to believe that Asus' native firmware has the same problem. Maybe they've since fixed it? My money wouldn't be on that though, since the commit in question to asuswrt-merlin was done only a month ago.

Not much else I can say. It's been analysed, and the Linux kernel performance problem was also tracked down too, so I think some people just higher expectations than others. I guess I'm one of those who does.
Making life hard for others since 1977.
I speak for myself and not my employer/affiliates of my employer.


Orland Park, IL
said by koitsu:

so I think some people just higher expectations than others. I guess I'm one of those who does.

Not being an engineer, I can only agree

The only remaining "problem" I have with my Asus Router is the infrequent and unexpected dropped connections I`m getting usually when downloading.
However they used to occur more frequently with a previous older Netgear Router, which leads me to think it`s some other issue other than the Router.