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Fort Wayne, IN

[Price] Monthly charge for Anyroom feature?

I am considering returning to Comcast after 5 years with Verizon/Frontier FIOS. Comcast has a "win-back" offer for former Comcast customers who left for another provider. I have been discussing this with a Comcast sales rep.

The TV portion of this Triple Play offer includes the Digital Premier level of channels. The sales rep said the offer includes a "free" HD DVR and 2 "free" additional HD boxes, among other things. I asked about the cost of adding the Anyroom feature to the DVR. She said Anyroom is free for one room and $9.95 per month for each additional room.

I was surprised that the Anyroom feature has a "per-room" charge instead of one flat additional monthly charge regardless of the number of additional rooms/boxes. I think she may be confusing the monthly cost of an additional box (if the package didn't include 2 free ones) with the cost of the Anyroom feature. If additional boxes aren't included free in a bundle, I think each additional HD box costs about $10/mo(?). By her logic, a person paying $10/mo for each extra HD box would pay an additional $9.95/mo per box to allow each box to have access to the DVR. That totals about $20/mo per box. This doesn't sound right.

Does anyone know the pricing structure for Anyroom? Is it a "per-room" charge that is on top of the monthly cost of each extra box? Or is there one flat monthly charge added to the DVR monthly cost to have Anyroom DVR access from the other boxes, regardless of the number of other boxes? (The latter is how Frontier FIOS works currently. I pay $4 extra a month so all my HD boxes can access the HD DVR.)


Digital HD Complete includes the Anyroom DVR hub and up to 3 additional terminals at no additional charge. Premier charges you for the additional outlets as you've said. For the money you probably should ask if there's winback pricing on HD Complete.


Fort Wayne, IN
Thanks for the reply. I'll check on the Complete package.

When you said that with Premier it is "as you said", do you mean it's as I thought, which is the Anyroom charge is one monthly charge that covers all extra boxes that are already in the house regardless of whether there is 1, 2 or 3 extra boxes?

Or do you mean it's the way I stated what the sales rep said, which is a "per-room" fee for Anyroom on top of what you are already paying for the extra boxes (i.e. you pay $9.95/mo to rent each HD box, then another $9.95 per box if you want the Anyroom feature on it, for a total of $19.90 per HD box.)?

It's hard to believe Comcast would charge an extra $9.95/mo on top of the box rental charge just to add the Anyroom feature to it. I think the sales rep is wrong.


Joliet, IL
reply to dalemccl
Anyroom DVR is included with Premier, but you are charged $9.95 for additional boxes/terminals and you have to have the right DVR as your primary box. With Complete, 3 additional boxes are included as well as The Movie Channel and a Wi-Fi router..


Des Plaines, IL
Complete with it's poor premium HD is not that good.

also NO CSN+

Look to see what directv can give you there anyroom is much better and lower additional boxes fees.

Also directv has both CSN feeds in HD +

FS Midwest HD
with the

Indiana Pacers
St. Louis Blues

also with sports pack you get the
Reds and Tigers games


Springfield, IL
The DirecTV spambot strikes AGAIN (& AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN & AGAIN...)


Des Plaines, IL
well why can't comcast offer there own CSN channel over flow feed? Fort Wayne, IN is in market for all the teams.


Springfield, IL
I guess they don't because they JUST want to piss YOU off!
WE have been getting the HD version for some time down here on 285.
And we just got notice that on 12/18, we're getting the SD version on 102. (it was on 98 part time)