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North Coast
reply to Subaru

Re: [Rant] National Geographic

said by Subaru:

said by CylonRed:

Unfortunately we are in a phase of crap reality TV shows

I wonder when these shows will end? I don't see how people get so wrapped up in prestaged events like this.

You don't watch any TV or go to the movies? ALL those are "staged" too.

Most over the age of about eight or nine KNOW the WWE is "scripted" but watch it for ENTERTAINMENT.

Same goes for the towing shows and the storage locker auction shows.

I think Survivor would be good if it was a REAL survivor show, none of this voting people off and other such crap, you get a foot locker of tools(NO food) and you are on your own, if you want to give up all you do is look at one of the cameras and say so, the one that lasts the longest wins, but then it wouldn't be very entertaining.

It would be interesting to see those that know what they need to get/find/do and in what order.

Honest it just fell apart in my hands
I think Survivor would be good if it was a REAL survivor show

I just love "Survivor" -- whatever country they're playing around it.

There they all are -- surviving -- Hah!!

What we are not shown is the cruise ship just off-shore with the camera crews, script writers, casting people, props, make up, etc etc. Reality, Oh Yeah!!

John Galt
Forward, March
Happy Camp
said by bombadill:

I think Survivor would be good if it was a REAL survivor show

Survivorman > Survivor...
Survival expert Les Stroud heads out once again, this time for ten grueling days instead of seven, to face extreme conditions with absolutely no crew. Its just one man against the elements with nothing but faith in his own knowledge of the wilderness to bring him back home alive.

The all new Survivorman series return is on Sunday, August 19 at 8PM e/p. Dont miss it!
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