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Gatineau, QC
reply to Gone

Re: Can you beleive "The OPP cannot find 200 vehicles liste

said by Gone:

Corporate income taxes - including the provincial portion - are collected by the feds through the CRA, not the province through the Ministry of Finance directly. This is most likely pre-HST PST debts that are being written off since the province has wanted to close those books for the last year and get all those guys transferred into the CRA and get their wages off the provincial ledger.

If only the feds were so lackadaisical about collecting corporate income tax or source deductions.

Corporate Provincial Income Taxes pre-2009 are still the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance (Ontario), those are the unpaid taxes that the AG is referring to in this report. When they transferred most of their staff to CRA, these unpaid files didn't go with then.

Fort Erie, ON

Yeah, that sort of makes sense as it's the same situation with the PST. They'd rather write it all off then maintain the staff to enforce collection.

Come to think of it, we had some issues with some earlier provincial corporate returns, and the level of involvement the province took to try and collect (despite them being incorrect and corrected years later after collection had been harmonized) pales in comparison to the monthly statements and phone calls the CRA engages in when you owe them anything. This doesn't surprise me at all.

It's amusing to mention that the Ministry of Finance guys I've talked to loathe the idea of working at the CRA. One provincial auditor I dealt with described the CRA as a "culture of assholes." I can't say I disagree with him.

Anons on ignore, but not due to fear.
London, ON

hey, my buddy works for CRA...he's not an asshole.



said by dirtyjeffer:

hey, my buddy works for CRA...he's not an asshole.

I'm sure if you get him and a few of his co-workers in a room he becomes a different person.