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Greenwich, CT
reply to gambothell

Re: [Rant] UPS delivery will not ring the doorbell

I've been at UPS for a number of years now, on a few times I've been asked to help with delivery's.. You will be amazed how many doorbells that don't work, I assume most of the drivers who have been doing the routes for more then 5 years just assume they may not work.

I would knock, ring doorbell and if the item was small enough place it between the storm door and the front door, I got a lot of waves or thanks So maybe they were not used to that?

Now as for making a complaint at this time of year it's kinda not the top focus right now but you can still try but don't expect a instant change.. I've seen the driver followup complaint sheets and it states what the customer expect but did not get.

The more serious stuff is lost packages that need a trace.

Plus these guys make around $30-35 in OT they would like to get home just as much as you would like to, also they get a little cranky if you stay out past 8PM.. The week of Christmas not so much but before that they do.
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