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Lincroft, NJ
reply to andyross

Re: [DTA] Are DTA boxes with HD coming out any time soon?

Yeah, my 24" LCD HDTV only has one HDMI input also, so I picked up this 2-to-1 switcher last year at RadioShack for $30: »www.radioshack.com/product/index ··· =3928058
It works fine for me, but according to the user reviews on it, a lot of people have problems with it.

Amazon seems to have a number of nice but inexpensive HDMI switches, like this one: »www.amazon.com/Ultra-High-Perfor ··· 015YWKYY

Sacramento, CA
reply to telcodad
said by telcodad:

Looks like Comcast is finally starting to deploy the HD-DTAs now:

Comcast deploys HD DTAs, ponders TR-069
By Mike Robuck, CED Magazine - December 19, 2012
»www.cedmagazine.com/blogs/2012/1 ··· s-tr-069

Comcast has started a phased deployment of HD digital transport adapters (HD DTAs) in subscribers’ homes ahead of ultimately having the devices across its entire footprint.

Back in August, Comcast’s Steve Reynolds, senior vice president of CPE and home networking, said the cable operator was in the process of wrapping up a large-scale trial of HD DTAs prior to deploying them in customers’ homes this year.

Reynolds said then that the HD DTAs represented the last piece of its analog-to-digital conversion, which is known internally as “Project Cavalry.” Comcast expects to have the all-digital project wrapped up by the end of next year, which includes the rollout of HD DTAs from vendors such as Pace, Technicolor, Motorola and Evolution Digital.
Comcast spokeswoman Jenni Moyer confirmed that the HD DTA deployments were underway but didn’t provide any additional details.

Too bad all they'll say is that they've deployed them some where, but no regions and no timetables for other areas....

Almost more interesting is the little bit about TR-069, that kind of management over IP protocol could go a long way to quicker and easier remote troubleshooting for cable companies. Imagine quickly provisioning a self-install kit and having real two-way feedback about the status of the equipment and authorization status. The current method for cable boxes seem pretty slow because it uses the OOB channel I presume.


reply to telcodad
Any idea if you will need to be subscribed to HD with Comcast to be eligible for these HD DTA boxes? I'm thinking of the situation where someone only has Limited Basic and just wants to watch the local networks with their HDTV and Comcast.

Lincroft, NJ
I believe that, after the HD-DTAs become widely available, they will be the only units that will then be provided to customers, and the older SD-only units will be phased-out.

As the HD-DTAs are equipped with both HDMI and Channel 3/4 RF outputs (see: »www.motorola.com/staticfiles/Vid ··· 2011.pdf), I would think that if you don't pay the per-account "HD Technology Fee," Comcast will not add the HD channels to the HD-DTA's channel map and will disable its HDMI output. In that case, only the SD Channel 3/4 RF output will work and it would then act like an SD-DTA.