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Broken Cable box

My daughter and her roommate had some people over and someone dropped the cable box (college kids), it hasn't worked since the incident is there a way to fix it without paying $300 for a new box? I just found out I've been paying the last two months for cable they cannot watch due to the broken box....


Union City, GA
The box was in working condition when it was placed in your home, if you decide to cancel or change your service then they require that you return the box in the same working condition. The fact that your daughter and her friends decided to play catch or whatever with the box is the customers fault, not the cable company's. There are also seals on the box to prevent tampering, if you did find someone that could fix the box you still will be charged because you or someone you authorized tampered with the box. You are going to continue to be charged for the box, despite its broken, until you decide to cancel that portion of the service or want to replace the box, in that event you will be charged because the cable company didn't get the box back in the condition in which they gave it to you. My advice would be to pay for the charges and try to get your daughter and her friends to pay you back. They may be "college kids" but they need to learn a lesson in being responsible for their actions, granted mistakes happen but there is a consequence for every action. If you refuse to pay the charges for the broken equipment then the cable company could refuse to provide you service in the future.


Springfield, IL

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As long as it does NOT have obvious signs of abuse, like dents, (deep) scratches, chunks of plastic missing, etc....just take it back to the local service center & exchange it for another one. Just tell them it "died"; no need to go into any details.
Nobody will ever be the wiser & it'll simply go into their (perpetual) refurb pile & get fixed. No need to turn this into rocket science...

Quakertown, PA
reply to Question878
Agreed just take it back and say its broken. They wont question it.