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N California
reply to Trev

Re: [Asterisk] hangup a channel from bash - odd behavior

said by Trev:

In that case perhaps this would work for you:

- when a call to the extensions that may need hanging up come in, set a global variable with that extension number to the channel name
- create an extension that's sole purpose is to Hangup
- use the ChannelRedirect application to redirect that channel to the Hangup extension

Nice way to work around the problem.

Debian 6 has a newer version of bash, so I wondered if it was an expansion quirk in the new version.

I downloaded v4.2.0, compiled, called it normally and with --posix.

Both methods worked... not sure where to go from here...

Just out of curiosity, are you running Debian 6.0.6?

What do the following show?

whereis asterisk

asterisk -rx "core show version"

grep ^`whoami` /etc/passwd

echo $SHELL

/bin/bash --version