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New York

solution? one mp3 player two people 20+ ft apart...

hmm what are available solution for two people say to be walking in a city and listening to the same exact content

is to listen to radio

to have two mp3 players and start same song/playlist at exactly the same content - but hmmmm it just doens't feel the same - gut feeling - can't put my finger on it ...

one mp3 player and have a Y splitter - BUT limited distance/convenience

one mp3 that broadcasts via FM to another player receiver - BUT quality will be poort

one mp3 that broadcasts via Bluetooth to a Bluetooth receiver

where can I get this?

six ... etc - what other options are there?

thank you...

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Mentor, OH
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Unlike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is neither good for transmitting information over a distance nor is the best way to transfer large amounts of data. However, Bluetooth requires less power and it's cheaper to operate, so it makes perfect sense for portable devices. Thanks to the proliferation of cell phones as music devices, there are plenty of decent stereo Bluetooth headphones on the market today, so if you despise wires, it's time to start considering an MP3 player with built-in Bluetooth. MP3 players with Bluetooth are getting rarer these days, but we managed to scrounge up a few that are worth your hard-earned dollars.

Link with 6 Blue tooth enabled MP3 players:
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Something like this?
Please note link is from 2009.

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