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Portsmouth, VA

[VA] 4 channel bonding downstream now

I got an email the other day about Cox increasing the speed for the Ultimate package and also adding a Premier Plus package for Hampton Roads. Then last night my connection went down for a couple hours and when it came back up I now have 4 channels down instead of three like it has been.
I have a 6121 modem so that is the max channels I can bond. I already had 4 upstream.
Anyone around Portsmouth seeing more than 4 channels down now?


There have been a total of 7 downstream channel in southern VA since the launch of D3 service. Depending on the modem you have you could see 7, 4, or 3 channels. Those with 8x4 modems would see 7 (now will see all 8). Those with 4x4 modems would see either 3 or 4 channels depending on what group of downstream channels you locked on to. There were 4 in the 500MHz range and 3 in the 800MHz range (now 4 total).


Portsmouth, VA
Yes cox finally added the 8th downstream channel in portsmouth last night/early this morning. We had 7 downstream channel's before this. But people who were using 4x4 D3 modem's were locking onto the set of 3 downstream channel's, instead of the set of 4 downstream channel's. Now both the 500mhz, and 800mhz downstream range has 4 channel's bonded each. So now everybody should have at least 4 bonded downstream channel's depending on the D3 modem of choice being used.

As for the email regarding speed changes, the hampton road's market got ultimate tier speed increases in november. Which speed's are now 100/20 compared to the older 50/5 speed's ultimate had. As for the Premier Plus tier being added, I have no info about that. I just recommend keeping an eye out on the cox website, as they do update change's on there, as ultimate now even shows 100/20 on cox site for our area.


Portsmouth, VA
I believe it said the Premier Plus was 60 down and 12 up. Curious what the price will be for that. I don't see it on the Cox page along with the other packages. Ultimate is too much a month for me.