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Woodbridge, VA
reply to knarf829

Re: [TIVO] Anyone regret getting TiVo?

said by knarf829:

said by Thinkdiff:

The XL4 can be significantly slower than the TiVo HD due to the new HDUI (based on Flash, not Java) and just the hardware being a bit underpowered.

I've read that it's currently only using one core of a dual core processor because they had reliability issues when activating the second core. Don't know if this is still the case or if it was resolved in a subsequent update. I've never seen a serious lag (but I also don't use the YouTube app).

They have been using both cores for a while now.

I'll take my TiVos over the FiOS DVRs just for the money I've saved. During the 64 months I've been with FiOS, I would have spent alot more money if I had been using FiOS DVRs during that time instead of using my TiVos.