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Fort Wayne, IN
reply to goeast

Re: [Price] Monthly charge for Anyroom feature?

Thanks for the reply. I'll check on the Complete package.

When you said that with Premier it is "as you said", do you mean it's as I thought, which is the Anyroom charge is one monthly charge that covers all extra boxes that are already in the house regardless of whether there is 1, 2 or 3 extra boxes?

Or do you mean it's the way I stated what the sales rep said, which is a "per-room" fee for Anyroom on top of what you are already paying for the extra boxes (i.e. you pay $9.95/mo to rent each HD box, then another $9.95 per box if you want the Anyroom feature on it, for a total of $19.90 per HD box.)?

It's hard to believe Comcast would charge an extra $9.95/mo on top of the box rental charge just to add the Anyroom feature to it. I think the sales rep is wrong.