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Portage, IN
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The saddest part...

we're entering an era previously only rambled about by those with tin foil headwear...

We won't get an apology from all the naysayers, the bootlickers, the authority worshippers who claimed that this could never, no, would never happen in America. That we should all sit down and shut up because otherwise the "Turrists will Win(TM)".

Nope, not only will none of those who admonished people as schizos, paranoids, and nutters be giving any apologies, they will now turn to anger as they can no longer be in denial. Now they will call for the physical detention and/or re-education at the end of a billyclub or firearm of anyone who thinks that there is anything wrong with constant surveillance of people who have no evidence or suspicion of wrongdoing. Even though not so long ago, it didn't even exist according to them.

Because, well, if you care about privacy then you must have something to hide. Or those who have gone straight to the "there is no privacy anytime anywhere anymore and I like it that way because the gubbmint is keeping me safe from the boogeyman" preteen child mentality. It's really all a mental illness, and the sooner people can realize that this type of fascism only ends one way, the sooner we can try and take steps to reign it in. But people need to stop acting like little children, get up off of our collective knees, and raise a finger high in the air to all of these societal leeches.

You know which finger I mean.