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Re: Voltage-Hurt Locker Lawsuit Round 2 Against Teksavvy Users

LOL Guess who the lawyer is for Voltage?

James (Kojak) Zibarras

*Head Slap*

This is the lawyer a Toronto cop (Officer Bubbles) hired to protect him from people who mocked him with cartoons on youtube! I think he and this lawyer then tried to sue youtube and the people posting cartoons for over a million bux.

Anyone remember this one? This was like a 6'6" cop who threatened to arrest a little girl because she assault him with a bubble.

Toronto's Officer Bubbles lost. heh

»Booked for assault by bubbles

LOL this is too funny. This is the lawyer who protected a burly cop from assault with a deadly bubble! LOL

Some of the cartoons can be found here:
»Officer Bubbles: You talking to me?

lol people should blow bubbles at this lawyer (but he may try to sue you for a billion dollars for assault with a deadly bubble)

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
Everyone going to court on Monday should take bubbles and blow bubbles in protest!!!