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A Matrix Ant
United State
·Time Warner Cable
reply to DataRiker

Re: Slower downloads during peak hours?

said by DataRiker:

I don't know if you read this whole thread, but yes, definitely so.

It was actually a downgrade for us in this area. I went from a rock solid 15 megs to anything from 0.5 - 17 megs depending on which second you test.

Pings range from 45 ms to 300+ ms.

Absolute trash

As much as it pains me to say this I might have to go for ATT DSL 6.0 megs, as they are the only other provider.

I absolutely hate ATT so I'm going to hold off as long as possible.

I wished I could switch, but cable is the only fastest and cheapest service in my cities. No DSL, no FIOS, etc. There's 3 KB/sec dial-up though!


Scio, OR
Still no boost in speeds and paying for turbo..


Scio, OR
I contacted TW about the service in my area, and they told me that yes, even with turbo, right now I will only get the same speed 15/2 (which is suppose to be the standard package, or whatever it's called). Basic is 3/1. And they said that they are working on upgrading the speeds. They had no date. I asked why pay for Turbo if the speed is going to be the same for regular and turbo. They had no answer, except that they are working on increasing speeds.

So, basically, they have no info to give, and the area I live in has no new speeds. And, they would not even touch the subject about dates. Nothing at all about dates. I told them Time Warner said in 60 days, in Early November, which would mean by January. They said nothing.

That's it. I guess that article about speed increases is not for customers in North San Diego County Service area.

»stopthecap.com/2012/11/05/time-w ··· ionwide/

That others may surf
Did you do the smart thing and downgrade to standard tier? It's cheaper then what you're paying now with the same speeds.