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Seaford, NY

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Woohoo Fios install next week

Had Fios at parents for a while. Got married, moved out, apartment for a year and dealt with Cablevision yuck!.

Bought house and getting Fios finally installed next week. Previous owner had Fios also so most the main equipment still there. (had to wait a month for install).

Do you think I will get newer boxes and one of those gigabit wireless routers?


Flushing, NY

depends on what speed you are on, if you order the 100+ speeds, they will have to give you gigabit routers.

Allendale, NJ
reply to Jnetty99

You might get the Rev I anyway

Murrieta, CA
·Verizon FiOS
reply to Jnetty99

if you order any tier in the "quantum" package you get the Rev I from what I was told by the installer that setup my second package. (again this is west coast so i have no idea what Verizon's policy would be on the east coast)
The ONT.. I have no idea what you have currently so it's hard to say what if any upgrades they will do and whether you're BPON or GPON now.
normally the previous tenant would have to turn in their router and STB don't they? so who knows..
style and type of STB's all depend on the package/TV options you order... multi room DVR,.. HD-STB's.. blah blah blah...


Seaford, NY
reply to Jnetty99

Okay so Verizon has been here since 8am and job not done yet.

As stated before previous home owner had Verizon also. He returned all his boxes etc. Only things left were the outside Verizon box which I believe is the ONT. Inside the battery backup and phone line box.

Tech that came in replaced outside ONT box and battery backup, not sure about phone line box, but i see new cable connection to it.

Here is where we are at right now.

Got a router model MI424WR REV I.

Got old boxes QI 6412-2 boxes, not happy about that. Tech said they don't have any new ones, Hurricane Sandy has depleted them of new stock. To call verizon after install to try get newer models.

I also asked for a cablecard and tech said they haven't had any for a while. Will need to talk to Verizon about that.

Phone system is the only issue left. Will take a few hours to fix problem, something wrong with way the install order he got.

So is the router I got good?

What model boxes should I request Verizon for DVR?


Virginia Beach, VA

You got the newest revision of router, so it is good. The newest boxes are 7232s, but CSRs have no control over which boxes get sent to you, it's luck of the draw.

Interesting about the CableCards, I thought the techs should have access to them.

Warwick, RI
reply to Jnetty99

If the CableCard he doesn't have is a Type S, then it isn't available easily. Tech should have easy access to a Type M. Difference is Single or Multi. Older equipment may need Type S.

Also, if it wasn't in the original order, he may not have it on the truck. And, last I checked a while ago, it was not an online order item.


Fishkill, NY
reply to Jackarino

I got a Rev F last month for 50/25.

I did get a 7232-2 that looked brand new.

I also got a receiver only (not a DVR) that looked used / refurbished.


Seaford, NY
reply to birdfeedr

I need a M-Card, we use them at work all the time.

When I signed up for the new account online it gave me the option of set top boxes and I also added a cablecard.


Seaford, NY
reply to Jnetty99

So update:

Internet, TV which are most important are working. Phone still not working.

Tech left yesterday to another job while Verizon sorted the problem at their office or wherever the new phone number gets turn on to the account. Said he possibly would be back. Got call around 5pm that still got it working would let me know today.


Plano, TX

If your internet and TV are working they probably won't have to come back out again. You just have to wait for a smart person to pickup your internal ticket and fix the problem. Unfortunately a good 50% of Verizon employees seem to just screw things up, like how your order was placed.

Once its up and working and you dont actually have to deal with Verizon it's great.


Seaford, NY
reply to Jnetty99

Update again:

No phone still and didn't get any update yesterday so I called Verizon to find out what is going on. A tech explain the issue to me, but they used a lot of tech terms. I think the gist of it was the control box out in the community for phone was full and they had to open up or move things around so I get phone.

They said I would possible just get phone today or if not it would require another house call to change more equipment. The problem seems to extend to the work order place for installation.

Weird thing is the week before previous home owner had fios phone and it was working. This week they can't get it working.

I was able to get the tech on the phone to send me out two DVR 7216 boxes. He did offer the 7232 boxes but at a cost of $40 each. I will pass on that for now.


Seaford, NY
reply to Jnetty99

Another update:
no phone still and today, I no longer can login to my online account created.

Yesterday if I called phone number to check it said verizon customer not availabe leave a message.

today it says phone number disconnected.

Also it looks like my original install order has been changed to today, but no one will be home today. I didn't even know about this.


Lawrence, NY

File a complaint with the NY PSC and with the BBB. Then, after you've done that, call VZ repair and tell them what you have done. Your service will be restored.


Fresh Meadows, NY

Phone repairs are not done at the home. So no need to worry about that.

Issues like that happened to a lot of us that first got the 150/35 service a year ago and went from BPON to GPON. Nothing can be done but have patience. Cell phones are there for a reason and good things come to those who wait!


Seaford, NY

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reply to Jnetty99

oh boy gets worse.

Looks like the order was cancelled, on phone with a tech and they are trying to get customer service on phone call also.

I can't remote into my home PC, so possibly everything got turn off.

Update: Woohoo getting verizon fios installed again.
They had to create a totally new order and they tried to match up all the offers provided.

Tech said they will work to just reactive everything today or by tomorrow. The work order is for tomorrow really.


Seaford, NY
reply to Jnetty99

Update: Good News.

Tech came out this morning, changed outside ONT again and everything working. It took some work and him calling office but phone is now working, activated my replacement 7216 boxes with the 500GB hard drives.

So everything is finally working.