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gat gnitsoP
Reading, PA
reply to Thinkdiff

Re: Trying to print to network printers

said by Thinkdiff:

said by onebadmofo:

said by Thinkdiff:

Do you have a Windows Server or OS X Server? Are your Macs bound to an Active Directory domain or OD domain or both? I would think if the AD server was sharing the printers, they'd show up as Active Directory, not Open.

Windows server. I believe that particular one is 2003.
They're bound to an AD.

If you only have an Active Directory server, I have no idea why they're showing up as Open Directory. Did you install the OD schema for Active Directory on your Win 2003 server? Did it ever work this way before?

What do you get if you go to the Windows tab? Do the printers show up there?

Well none of us set the server up. Our former IT director did.
So if OD is set up we weren't aware of it.
And as far as this working before, we never had Macs on our network before.

Here's what shows on the Windows tab...

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