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Re: Gen4/Changes Coming After Jan 1

I don't see much improvements after new years except Hughes bringing the bonus bytes online and thats mainly it. The community over there has been pretty busy with all customers complaining about a whole mess of things. My issue with the TCP connections has been going on for nearly since the day we got our Gen4 so this tells me this ain't gonna get fixed, plus sara or snow ain't mentioning anything about it nor are they listening. All they say is "well we're working on it" or "ok, problem solved, but problem still remains" seems to me they just throw a simple band-aid on top of it and tell the customer to get off there case and quit riding them.

If you think there going to make big changes, ok then I'm gonna start biding money on it and someones gonna loose a bunch of money. In the evenings the browsing and quite a ton of speed does drop, the way i'v been seeing it is the more i download then the more our download speed drops.

Theres something very strange with the way you cannot download and upload all at once, I was told by someone on the community last night that i need to ditch the HN7000S (split cable) and get a ISL cable, why?!?! The speed seems to be working right now, I can browse just fine, getting good pings, gaming servers seems fine. This is going the same exact route that i went with our old HN7000S modem, the modem started making electric noises and the speed kept dimming way down each day and only getting worse, so then we got a new one.. New modem arrived and guess what? SAME EXACT PROBLEM... This tells me if we install a ISL cable, it will change NOTHING!!
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