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Re: [Rant] Water Company

Our parish decided it would be a good idea to upgrade everyone to the remote water meters...Scratch that...Our parish was SOLD the idea...
They were told it would save the parish in the long run. Well i noticed some of my neighbors getting new meters, but I never saw them dig up mine or replace it. I don't know what they look like (guess I could check a neighbor's), but it still has the mechanical dial and all.
Anyway, turns out it's MORE EXPENSIVE to run these things. To offset the cost, the parish had to raise everyone's rates by $2/month. Someone's cousin or brother-in-law made off like a bandit on that gig.

Did I mention that up until about a year ago our parish water system was consistently in violation of EPA rules? They kept getting fined. The water was so bad they had to put too many chemicals in it to make it drinkable. They finally fixed it, but it still tastes like crap. I think there are some third world countries out there that have better water than us.
I'm actually not funny, I'm just really mean and people think I'm joking.